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crazy-m-tz reviews Star Wars: Battlefront (PC)

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crazy-m-tz said...

Star Wars Battlefront is designed by Pandemic and published by the well-known Lucasarts. It is a first/third person shooter which is similar to the Battlefield series where you would run and out chase down the enemy, get shot, die, and respawn again a few seconds later - Making it very simple to learn how the game works.

Star Wars Battlefront levels features some of the best recognised surroundings in the Star Wars film series such as Hoth, Naboo, and Yavin; except this time, YOU decide who wins in the battle, YOU decide what futuristic weapon you should use to defeat the opposition, whether it be a classic Sniper Rifle, a Rocket Launcher, or a simple Blaster Assault Rifle. You can pilot vehicles, planes and walkers which can blast their way through the open battlefield and laugh as you watch the opposition cower behind shelter and bunkers whilst you helplessly fire away at them, taking no pity. Yes, Star Wars Battlefront is more of a fun shooter than a serious one, and in a good way too. Expect humorous conversations (during multiplayer online mode) in the corner of the screen or just random gibberish that can fall under the topic of "general things".

There are a variety of gameplays to choose from in Battlefront; you can either play in a campaign as one of the four factions (explained later on), play a galatic conquest (which sets about conquering other planets with bots), and lastly the most popular one; Instant Action, which allows you to choose from several levels and one of the two (of the four, depending on era you set it in) factions.

Altogether, there are four different playable factions. These are Rebel Alliance, Galatic Empire, Republic, and CIS. Each of the four factions have 5 different playable roles, these are: Regular Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Infantry, Pilot/Enginner, Special Infantry, and Marksman. No matter what faction you choose to play as - the weapons will stay roughly the same (i.e. A Republican sniper will have the same armaments as will a CIS Sniper), apart from the special infantries which are totally different for all sides, and is what normally makes the factions unique. The same also applies for the vehicles in the game; no matter what scenario or faction you are playing, there will be no "special vehicles" around for you to uses. They will either fall in the category of the "scout vehicle" section, or "Medium Assault Vehicle", "Heavy Assault Vehicle", "Heavily Assault Transport", "Starfighters" (planes), or "Airborne Transport".

The goal of the game (on any type of gameplay) is simple: Capture neutral and enemy command posts by standing near it, which also acts as their spwan point (or yours if you've got one) and reduces the opponent's ability to respawn or just keep killing them until their reinforcement points get to 0. On multiplayer, the amount of reinforcement points varies depending on what the server chooses.

Although there may not seem much to talk about Star Wars Battlefront, it truly is a shooter that is fun, in many ways. However, there is space for many more improvements such as unlocking awards that you can show off to other multiplayer friends online and unlockable that can keep you going. Personally, I think it's a brilliant game unfinished, which is why I recommend Star Wars Battlefront 2 a more suitable choice for newcomers, if offers the same simplicity but adds more fun due to the extras and new additions to the game.

Game Traits applied to Star Wars: Battlefront (PC) by crazy-m-tz

  • The Setting:
    Star Wars universe
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  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    massive battles, swarms of enemies
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Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 21/SEP/04
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